holidays 2009

The past few weeks, my Google reader has been filled to bursting with posts about seasonal treats such as roast goose, gingerbread houses, candied nuts, and all other manner of holiday goodies.  I’ve watched and read enviously from the sidelines, wishing that I had the time, energy and wherewithal to make my own festive recipes, let alone have time to blog about them.

Holidays for me as a “single gal” have always been about going somewhere else.  None of my family are here in the immediate Detroit area, so Christmas always involves traveling. Since there’s just one of me and several of them, there’s never really an option to host a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal at my house.  Perhaps that’s why I never feel fully in the holiday spirit to do things at home, such as put up a tree or lights, make Christmas cookies, or blog about holiday food. Instead of puttering about the kitchen, I’m packing bags and making travel plans.

I’m hoping that will change in 2010- a few days ago on my birthday (Dec. 27), Marvin proposed, and I accepted! We’re going to start looking for a house of our own, and by holiday-time next year we should be all settled in.  I am eagerly anticipating all of the firsts, especially our first Christmas in our own home, and I’m sure I’ll be much more motivated to decorate, make goodies, and basically “nest” more so than I have in my bachelorette flat.

This holiday season in particular involved quite a bit of hither-and-thither: Detroit on Christmas eve, East Lansing for Christmas day, and finally, South Carolina.  The day after Christmas we got up early and packed up the car for a marathon drive to SC to see my mom.  We arrived late on the 26th and drove home New Year’s Day.  More details to come, but the highlight of course was my birthday and the proposal.  It was somewhat of a comedy of errors- he had told my sisters, one of whom couldn’t keep it to herself (ahem, N,) and told my mom, so everyone knew what was going on and contrived for us to go to the beach with wine, lawn chairs, etc.  And then he ended up telling me he had told them, so I didn’t even have the illusion of surprising them!  But in the end, it was great to be surrounded by family at such an important and special moment.  At dinner, I announced the “news” during grace by saying I was thankful for my “fiancé” (upon hearing the word, the table broke out in a chorus of hoots and hollers), who “has a big mouth but an even bigger heart”.  (Hokey, yes, I know!)

I have much more to write about our holiday food (look for a post on Marvin’s mom’s roasted salsa) and travels (we had some great roadfood), but for now I just wanted to share my big news with you and wish you the happiest new year yet!  I also want to give a BIG THANK YOU to all of those who participated in the $2-menu challenge– you helped raise $100 for Gleaners!  (Since participation was a little on the lean side, I rounded up…) It’s no Menu for Hope, but I’d like to think it was a fruitful exercise and that we raised awareness a little bit.  Perhaps we can do something similar in the summer when the farmers’ markets are more bountiful.

Photos: lamppost in Savannah; old church in Bluffton, SC; the beach at Hilton Head where the proposal took place

19 responses to “holidays 2009

  1. I plead the fifth, I held out for days, and I am not alone I had others ahem ( E) who said it was ok! Anywho,… I am innocent!

  2. Congrats Mademoiselle – Ooops, that’s *madame* Noëlle =)

    RUBBISH! You’ll always be mamzelle Noëlle for me 😀 Bravo bravo, lucky girl!

    • Yes… this occurred to me too… no more mademoiselle! (although with my advancing age it’s probably not appropriate anymore regardless!) 😛 It’ll still be at least a year and a half before I’m officially “madame” though.

  3. Congrats to Marvin and wonderful news for you! WHat a great way to end the year!

  4. Congratulations on your engagement. Now the fun begins, looking in all the bridal magazines, registries, showers, fun, fun, fun.

  5. Yes, I am a very lucky guy! : )

  6. Ahem, N- You would have opened your mouth regardless.

  7. Congratulations to you! May your house always be filled with good things to eat.

  8. congratulations on your engagement. I’m sure you’re lives together will be filled with love and delicious food.

  9. Congratulations! My wishes for the best.

  10. Ahem E– Doubtful because of your support I felt safer, so it’s both N and E fault! ha good day to you E!

  11. Congraulations on your engagement!

  12. Maybe if I could type correctly my word would look like English… how about CONGRATULATIONS!!

  13. Congratulations and Happy Belated Birthday!!

    You’ll have to share the exciting wedding plans, at least the food related ones.

  14. Best wishes Noelle! Exciting news!

  15. Thanks everyone! It’s exciting but overwhelming since I tend to be a bit ADD when it comes to taking on large projects. The food planning will certainly be the most fun for me out of everything!

  16. Can i cook for the wedding? 🙂 Oh lordy, what am i getting myself into. hehe.

    Congratulations to you and a happy happy New Year! .. You’re off to a good start! 🙂

  17. congratulations on your engagement

  18. Linda Pfeifer (Noelle's mom)

    What’s with all this “N” and “E”? Are you trying to be anonymous, Naomi and Beth?

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