dosas with curried chickpeas & coconut sauce (daring cooks)

dosa plated 3I’m sure most of you have heard of the Daring Bakers, the group of bloggers who bake a selected recipe each month and post about it on a specified day.  The group recently expanded to a new branch, the Daring Cooks.  I think this is the third month of the Daring Cooks and I decided to jump on board.  I don’t know how regular I’ll be able to be, but this recipe appealed to me so I thought I’d give it a go.

dosas & fillingsThe challenge (hosted by Debyi at Healthy Vegan Kitchen) was for dosas, a type of Indian pancake which was unfamiliar to me.  (You can check out my annotated version of the recipe here.)  It’s always interesting to prepare a recipe for which you have no point of reference…  The perfectionist in me has a little bit of a hard time not knowing how something is “supposed to” turn out.

dosa plated side view 1

The recipe for the dosas was fairly similar to that of French crêpes, without the egg.  However, some of the South Asians posting in the forums said dosa batter is typically made of soaked, fermented lentils and rice, which sounded great- similar to the bread in Ethiopian restaurants.  Unfortunately I didn’t plan ahead enough to accommodate the 12-hour fermentation period, so I had to make the flour-based recipe.  I chose a combination of whole wheat and buckwheat flours, and added a touch of cider vinegar to try to emulate the sourness of the fermented version.  I have lots of leftover filling and sauce though, so I’m hoping to get a chance to try the more traditional recipe for the dosa pancakes later this week.

curried chickpeasMarvin was off eating curry of a different sort (curried goat!) in Jamaica last weekend, so I invited a girlfriend over Sunday night to partake in the dosas with me.  I did have a couple small issues with the recipe instructions, but the overall outcome was good (my guest had a second helping- never a bad sign!).  I was happy to break bread with a friend, try something new, and especially to have leftovers for the week.  Cheers to Debyi for hosting an interesting and delicious challenge!dosa plated

10 responses to “dosas with curried chickpeas & coconut sauce (daring cooks)

  1. Lovely job!! You did an awesome job with this challenge =D.

  2. Beautiful looking dosas!

  3. Arrgh I had dosa in NYC shortly before I left 🙂 one of the most satisfying and simple meals I ever had there!
    (Hihi d’ailleurs j’ai mangé des galettes de sarrasin hier soir en sortant de la Sorbonne :-P)

    • En effet, cette recette m’as donné envie de faire des gallettes de sarrasin bientôt, avec des poireaux, du jambon et du fromage je crois.

      La Sorbonne… oh la la… you must have been hungry, what with all that brain exercise!

  4. That looks terrific! I wish I could have been the invited guest! Maybe for round 2?

    • If I actually have a sit-down dinner, sure! I’ve just been taking leftovers in my lunch all week… I may have to freeze stuff and come back to it at a later time so I don’t get curried out.

  5. gatheraroundthetable

    Such pretty plating – lovely job!

  6. Nice work with this challenge! I especially like the final plating shot.

    It’s interesting to see that you used vinegar to emulate the taste of the original and glad that it worked out so well for you 🙂

  7. Man oh man. Southern Indian food can be hard to come by, and this sounds damn delicious.

    Great job, and look forward to whipping this up.

  8. Your take on the challenge recipe looks head and shoulders above th rest I have seen. Excellent work.

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