taking stock


I had written this somewhat lengthy post about “taking stock” of my writing, whether this blog is what I intended it to be when I started, etc, but after reading it through several times, I couldn’t bring myself to hit “Publish”.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a useful exercise for myself to write those ideas down, but at the end of the day it just felt uncomfortably navel-gazing.

grown in Detroit

 However, suffice it to say that I evaluated what I’ve been writing about, what I want to be writing about, and my desire to try some new things in this space.  So I hope you’ll stick around as I  (try to) expand the scope of this blog to accomodate some new ideas that have been kicking around my head.  Meanwhile, these are a few pics from my trip to Eastern Market with my friend Sarah last weekend.

Rainier cherries

5 responses to “taking stock

  1. You took these? They’re incredible! I’ve spent tons of time looking through those free stock photography websites hoping to find something useful for my noveling blog, Uninvoked, and my first reaction when I saw those went something like, “Are those stolen, or is she using a great website I don’t know about?”

    It didn’t even occur to me you took them yourself. You must be a wonderful photographer and I congratulate you.

  2. New is good! I look forward to the results.

  3. Lovely photos. I think it’s a great idea to shake things up – just from a personal view. I can’t wait to see where your ideas will take you.

  4. Looking forward to it! And the photos are just great. I’m a little jealous!

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