cinco de mayo festivities in detroit: a photo essay

Detroit has a thriving Mexicantown– in fact, it’s one of the most stable neighborhoods in the city- and every year they host a parade and festival to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. These photos were taken on Sunday, May 3. I missed the parade, but spent a couple hours with Marvin and his mom in Clark Park enjoying the festivities and food.


A high school orchestra and a karaoke mariachi provided musical entertainment…

…unfortunately, this guy was a pretty awful singer!



It wouldn’t be a festival without something deep-fried.




This vendor was selling duro con cueritos, a concoction made of a rectangular piece of fried dough slathered with crema and topped with lettuce, tomatoes, hot sauce, lime juice and… strips of pickled pig skin.  It looked just like squid. I wish I had been adventurous enough to try it- I guess there’s always next year.



Preparing the corn for elote.  They were selling it both on and off the cob.


It wasn’t all junk food- the Mexicans are big on fresh fruit, and this stand was selling coctels of watermelon, mango, jicama, cucumber, cantelope and more.


Whole butterflied chickens on the grill.


This taco tent was where we decided to eat.  The line moved SO slow, but the food was good.


I got a carne asada taco (steak; left) and a taco al pastor (pork, right).  They were served in the traditional way, with cilantro and onion for garnish.


Cinco de Mayo brings out not just the Mexicans in the community, but other Latin-American groups as well.  This group is practicing capoeira, a Brazilian art form that combines martial arts, dance and music.











These were just two of the many pit bulls we saw that day.


A couple of the vendors…



Outside the Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling) tent.  I wish we had gone in, but there was a really long line.


On the way out of town we stopped for a minute at La Colmena (The Honeybee), a great Mexican grocery.  They had a band and food and tables set up outside.


Across the street from the Honeybee, you can see the back of Detroit’s Central Station, or what’s left of  it.



2 responses to “cinco de mayo festivities in detroit: a photo essay

  1. seemed like a very awesome moment! every food looks delish! 😀

  2. Love the picture of Michigan Central Depot! It makes me homesick, in a way. I found a really interesting article about it awhile back:

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