meyer lemon marmalade cheesecake (daring bakers)

The April 2009 challenge is hosted by Jenny from Jenny Bakes. She has chosen Abbey’s Infamous Cheesecake as the challenge.


I’m not a huge cheesecake fan- it’s not that I dislike it; it just wouldn’t be my first choice for empty calories (just give me the cheese plate instead!)- but I figured I would kill two birds with one stone and use it as my contribution to Easter dinner at Marvin’s mom’s house.  Turns out, his family all LOVES cheesecake- so much so that there were at two other cheesecakes at the get-together.  At least mine was the only one with lemons!

cheesecake-side-viewI had gotten the idea for candied lemons because a few weeks ago there were Meyer lemons all over the grocery stores and I wanted to take advantage of the season (go here and here to see all the citrus goodies I made).  Just after the idea had come to mind, coincidentally a fellow blogger whose blog I’ve started reading regularly posted a ricotta cheesecake with candied lemons.  I was glad not to have to hunt for a candied lemon recipe, but a tiny bit disappointed that someone had just posted on the same concept.  Ahh well, I suppose with the amount of food blogs out there these days, it’s hard to be totally original, unless you’re the Colloquial Cook! 🙂

cheesecake-in-water-bathThe recipe itself was pretty darn easy, mainly just combining ingredients in a bowl and dumping them in the pan.  And fortunately I didn’t have any issues with waterlogged crust or a crack in the top.  I thought this was a good albeit very rich recipe.  There was no flour (is there usually flour in cheesecake?  I have no idea.  I thought maybe there was a little), so the consistency was very soft and not at all “cake-y”, and it got kind of melty at room temperature, but was much better chilled.   The consistency may have changed a little due to my adaptation as well.  To flavor the cheesecake, I substituted 1/4 cup marmalade for 1/4 cup of the sugar, added the Microplaned zest of one lemon, and substituted lemon juice for the liqueur (too bad I didn’t have any Limoncello on hand!).  You’d think it would have turned out ultra-lemony, but it was actually pretty subtle.  The candied lemons on top were what really gave it some kick; I liked how their slightly bitter bite offset the sweetness and richness.


Incidentally, we had a great time at the family get-together, where we played a spirited game of Cranium with his cousins, and ate WAY too much food.  I’m still working through some of the leftovers! In addition to ham AND turkey, there was a delicious pork and bean dish with three kinds of pork, the ubiquitous arroz con gandules (this is the Puerto Rican side of the family), homemade grape leaves (a remnant of his mom’s marriage to his Chaldean father), several other side dishes, and about 15 different desserts including flan (which I polished off for breakfast with some banana and strawberries).  One of these days I am going to get together with his mom and learn some of the traditional recipes.  Meanwhile, I’m happy to bring my contributions, and was relieved at not having a whole cheesecake sitting around my house.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera to Easter, so I only have the few photos I took before we left.  The photo of the cheesecake without the pan and the pics below of me photographing the cheesecake are courtesy of Marvin.


16 responses to “meyer lemon marmalade cheesecake (daring bakers)

  1. That looks SO good.

  2. That cheesecake is beautiful!

  3. Linda Pfeifer (Noelle's mom)

    My mouth is watering! If you have any left, you can put a piece in the freezer for me 🙂 I love cheesecake combined with something tart and this looks yummy. See you soon.

  4. great shot. loooooove it 🙂

    • It’s funny, I posted the photos using a different computer, and looking at them on a different monitor they look almost blinding! I didn’t even brighten them either…

  5. Wow the flavours sound absolutely delicious. I really like this and well done.

  6. That looks delicious and hehe at your cheese plate comment! 😉 You mentioned no flour in cheesecakes and you’re right, there usually isn’t any. Also the texture of it when it comes out of the oven is soft but once it’s refrigerated (preferably overnight) it becomes firm.

    You sound like you had some great food at your family get together! 😀

  7. Your cheese cake looks awesome! I totally agree with you though, I would much rather the cheese plate too 🙂

  8. Fantastic looking cheesecake! so decadent and beautiful. Love it the way you leave it inside the pan for the photo. it gives a nice rustic touch.

  9. I love the candied lemons on top!! They make the cheesecake looks so great and yet a very classic looking decoration.

  10. Opps–I meant to say “look” instead of “looks”–this is what happens when I type to fast and hit enter before giving it the once over. 🙂

  11. Mmm, your cheesecake looks amazing!! I love all of the lemons on top =D.

  12. Hey, my parents are visiting us in LA and I just showed my mother (aka Aunt Susanne) your blog. She was excited to see the pictures of you and highly impressed with all of the cooking descriptions. She wants you to come visit sometime so you can cook something together! She sends her love and maybe I can show her how to look at your blog again once she’s back in Michigan.

  13. It looks beautiful. I just love citrus with this cheesecake.

    Thanks for participating in the April Daring Bakers challenge!

    Jenny of Jenny Bakes

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