chew on this! (a food lover’s book club)

book-club-booksAs some of you know, for many years (8, to be precise), I worked in a bookstore.  Every time any sort of food-related book came in, I’d either read it or make note of it for later reading.  Consequently, I have a great big list of foodie books to work my way through.  I’ve been kicking this idea around for some time, to host a virtual foodie book club.  My idea is that the host (which will be me initially, but can rotate once we get a group going) will write a blog post reviewing the book and posing a few discussion questions, and then we can use the comments section as a discussion forum.

Please go here for the current book choice and more info.  I’m really excited to get this going and I hope lots of you join me for this; I think it’ll be fun.  Happy reading!


2 responses to “chew on this! (a food lover’s book club)

  1. I ordered the book can’t wait.

  2. I just picked up the book yesterday and I’m already hooked!! Great pick!! I’m excited to be a part of this–thanks!

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