le petit zinc: a little taste of france in corktown

le-petit-zinc-rooster1As part of Marvin’s job as the managing photographer at Model D, he is responsible for illustrating their Development News section. It’s basically a round-up of short news stories on recently opened small businesses in Detroit, or anything else related to business growth in the city. The nice thing about this is that I’m always one of the first to know when a cool new restaurant opens its doors!

lpz-interior-mirrorCorktown has been buzzing lately with the addition of the Mercury Coffee Bar, Mudgie’s (a sandwich joint in the building that used to house Eph McNally’s), and now Le Petit Zinc, a tiny café/restaurant on Howard St. just west of Trumbull. Serving sweet and savory crêpes, sandwiches, salads and pastries, it’s perfect for a light (and inexpensive) breakfast or lunch. The space is small but the bright color scheme makes it seem open and inviting rather than cramped.

ham-cheese-crepe1We showed up for breakfast but too hungry to just have pastries, so Marvin had a ham and brie crêpe and I had the “Poulet-Ratatouille”, filled with ratatouille (eggplant, squash, tomato) and pieces of what tasted like rotisserie chicken. The savory crêpes come with a small side of organic green salad dressed with balsamic vinaigrette. Also on the menu are a variety of sandwiches and salads (and a charcuterie plate- yum) that all looked good- I will be returning soon to try these. Our coffee was excellent- Marvin got a big bowl of café au lait, and I got a black coffee that was made fresh to order (I believe it was made Americano-style, by adding hot water to espresso, which I do at home all the time).

cafe-au-lait2Overall, Le Petit Zinc has a lot to recommend itself- a cheerful atmosphere, a solid, inexpensive menu, and a friendly proprietor behind the zinc (bar). In warmer weather, patrons will be able to sit outside in an enclosed courtyard.  The restaurant does not yet have a liquor license, but you are welcome to bring your own wine or beer until they do. (Update: the patio is open, and looks fabulous!  Also, please note that there is a small “recycling fee” for those bringing their own alcohol.)

6 responses to “le petit zinc: a little taste of france in corktown

  1. OOO..I love little cafes like this. There aren’t many like that in muskegon. Hopefully when I move east in march, i’ll be able to go to restaurants like this. Go anywhere in clinton township?

  2. This looks promising…but then again so did Mercury and it closed before I ever had a chance to try them out! That crepe looks great…

  3. Alex- that’s why I’m trying to get the word out! 🙂 I will say though, the concept here is a bit less “ambitious” than that of MCB, so perhaps that will make a difference. I really think once nicer weather hits, their little courtyard patio will be doing a steady business.

  4. We should plan an MLFB field trip there!

  5. MK- That would be fun, but depending on how many of us showed, we may barely fit in there! It’s pretty tiny. Of course, if we waited til it’s nice out, we could spread out onto the patio.

    Re: Mercury Coffee Bar- I guess the latest is that they did NOT open back up on Friday as planned. I don’t know what the heck is going on over there now. I just don’t get it- there were tons of people in there every time I passed by. It’s a bummer.

  6. Just tried this place last weekend–Amazing! Great food, great coffee. Can’t wait to go back.

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