sugar kisses needs your help! benefit show 12/11


Many of you in the Detroit area may be familiar with the bakery Sugar Kisses in Royal Oak- it’s an all-natural bakery specializing in vegan and gluten-free treats.  For any of you out there with these “special needs”, you can appreciate the niche this fills in our community.  And even if you choose to/are able to eat “regular” goodies, it’s nice to know that all-natural ingredients are being used.

The owners of Sugar Kisses just found out that the building they’re occupying (on South Washington in Royal Oak) has been sold.  The new owners are forcing them out before the end of the year, which is a logistical nightmare as well as disrupting their business at their busiest time of year.  Please visit their website to get more information and see how you can help. My band may take part in a benefit concert; stay tuned for details, and be sure to pass this info along to anyone you know who is vegan, has wheat allergies, or just likes yummy baked goods!

Update: My band, Scarlet Oaks, is participating in a benefit show for Sugar Kisses this Thursday Dec. 11 at the Woodward Avenue Brewery, located on the corner of Troy St. & Woodward in downtown Ferndale. Please come out and support this valuable asset to our community while enjoying some good beer, music, and treats from the Sugar Kisses kitchen!  The event starts at 9pm and there is a $5 suggested donation that will go towards helping Sugar Kisses finance their move to Berkeley.

One response to “sugar kisses needs your help! benefit show 12/11

  1. What time and how much $$$?

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