greetings, fellow food geeks.

**Dear readers, this post has moved- please view it at the link below.**


9 responses to “greetings, fellow food geeks.

  1. Hello! I am sure I will love it! I also like to collect recipes.

  2. although sometimes I make things that end up tasting wonderful and then I can’t remember what was in it. I baked some chicken with apples, catalina sauce, cream and sugar that came out pretty good!

  3. i cannot wait to read every post!

  4. I love food. YAY FOR FOOD BLOGS! Let’s cook sometime, dear.

  5. Thanks guys! Emma- what is Catalina Sauce, is that a Brit thing?

  6. ooh, i love food , food writing, and cooking and eating. its better than pop culture. welcome to the blogosphere noelle

  7. Cook a chicken already!!!!!

  8. Succulente idée ce blog !…

    Puisque les mesures sont en “onces”, je ne peux pas réaliser tes recettes !!!… Je devrai donc attendre que tu veuilles bien cuisiner pour moi…

    Bon appétit !

  9. Catalina dressing is a salad dressing.

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